Williams bring "car to life" with new teaser

07-02-2020 09:36
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Williams bring car to life with new teaser

In the modern era of social media, Formula 1 teams livery launch can no longer be as simple as just pulling a cover off their car. In the weeks leading up to the launch teams are now using social media to give their fans a sneak peek at what to expect. Williams are the lastest to give us a hint at what to expect from their new livery. 

It all started with McLaren who posted hints about their car last week. A number of teams have followed their lead and Haas even went as far as completely revealing their design for 2020. 

From the images that we have seen so far, it seems that there will be a number of cars on the grid that look considerably different compared to last year. For example, AlphaTauri is hinting that their car will turn silver-gray, and now in Williams' teaser of the FW43 the colour red is prominent.

It could refer to the red 'o' in the logo of title sponsor ROKit, but since these logos on all their channels have been changed to a black and white version, that is unlikely. If red is indeed a prominent presence in Williams' livery, it will be the first time since 1999. In all intervening years, the team was driving in a predominantly blue/white livery.

Perhaps a clour change is exactly what is needed to help bring the team to success! 

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