Breaking: Formula 1 TV will broadcast all of pre-season testing

06-02-2020 16:36 | Updated: 06-02-2020 16:40
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Breaking: Formula 1 TV will broadcast all of pre-season testing

For the first time ever, F1 TV pro will broadcast every single moment from pre-season testing live from Barcelona. The winter tests in preparation for the 2020 F1 season take place between 19-21 February and 26-28 February. All of this action will be available on F1 TV pro

The subscription-based service will show all eight hours of on-track testing in each of the six days. When the cars return to the garage at the end of each day, there will be a Tech Talk show which will highlight all the important aspects of the new cars. 

Viewers of this service will also get better live timing screens as they detail drivers performances on every lap. A comparison will also be made possible. 

Is this good for F1?

This is a fantastic addition for the 2020 F1 season. All of the hype that comes with the first week of testing will be much greater as fans can actually see everything that happens for themselves. 

Teams will get a better view of their rival cars much more quickly, with closer TV shots almost immediately. While this could be seen as a negative, teams are often quick at looking through photographs anyway, and if they really want to hide something then a black bin bag often does the job. 

Will fans pay?

Often these subscriptions come with a hefty price tag. But that isn't the case for Formula 1. In France, the price is €7.99. Surely fans will pay that to watch pre-season testing? Of course, it's possible for fans to cancel after just one month. 

In the United Kingdom, pre-season testing will be broadcast on Sky Sports F1. 

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