Vettel asked for a return to Red Bull: "We can't afford that"

06-02-2020 10:33
by Matt Gretton
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Vettel asked for a return to Red Bull: We can't afford that

Sebastian Vettel has a lot to prove in 2020. The German was defeated in 2019 by his young teammate Charles Leclerc and will have to do everything in his power to maintain a place at the top of Formula 1.

Vettel does not return

It, therefore, seems that Vettel is looking at other options. It's no secret that Red Bull Racing is very fond of the German, but even Helmut Marko doesn't want to get him back at the moment. "Sebastian wanted to see if a return in 2021 is possible, but that is impossible for us," Marko tells Auto Bild.

Vettel can, therefore, look for another option if the door at Ferrari closes after 2020. "It is impossible because Sebastian, as a four-time world champion, still has some financial demands. We have a long-term contract with Max and that deal is not exactly cheap. We, therefore, cannot afford to provide a second driver with such an amount," says the Austrian.

Can Vettel go to Mercedes?

Vettel would have to hand in a lot of money to ride at Red Bull and that is of course not what the German would like. If he is prepared to surrender the money, he is also at Red Bull in a situation where he has to play a role of the second string behind leader Verstappen. A situation that therefore offers no perspective financially and sportingly.

"Vettel would be an interesting option for Mercedes. With his German passport, he really has an advantage there, but the question is whether Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton are open to the arrival of Vettel. If the car suits him, I am confident that he can still perform. He will simply have to perform in 2020. If he can defeat Leclerc, then Ferrari will also have to change his mind," the Austrian concludes.

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