Lando Norris on driving in Formula 1: "It's such a complex sport"

29-01-2020 16:01
by Louis Shaw
Lando Norris on driving in Formula 1: It's such a complex sport

Lando Norris had a strong debut season in Formula 1 and is hoping that now he has more experience under his belt, he will be able to perform even better in 2020. McLaren are building something strong and will hope that they can try and get a few podiums next season. 

"Formula 1 is such a complex sport," Norris said. "There are so many factors which impact performance, and while you can study them, you cannot properly understand them until you’ve experienced them.

"For example, managing the tyres, knowing when to push and when not to push, and how to respond to a rapidly changing strategy. You’ve got to think about the long game in races and that gets easier with experience."

Will 2020 be his year?

Norris now has the experience and knows now how to race best in Formula 1. He will hope to improve but it is more realistic that 2021 will be McLaren's year as they will be using the Mercedes engine and will have had another season to develop as a team. 

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