Fernando Alonso claims 2021 is "a good opportunity" for his F1 return!

29-01-2020 14:36
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Fernando Alonso claims 2021 is a good opportunity for his F1 return!

Fernando Alonso says that a return to Formula 1 in 2021 is one of his main targets as the rumours linking him back to the sport ramp up once again. Alonso retired from F1 and the end of the 2018 season after a tough stint with McLaren, but the ties to F1 never really went away, with the Spaniard always being linked with a return.

Alonso has just finished the Dakar Rally as he tries different forms of motorsport, with Le Mans and WEC titles also on his CV along with his two F1 world championships.

The former F1 star told F1 Racing magazine that his journey in F1 may not be over just yet: "I'm not done with F1, 2021 is a good opportunity and I feel fresh and ready now. It's something I will explore.

"Formula One is unfinished business because people think that we deserved more than we achieved, especially in the last few years. In my museum there are cabinets with a lot of trophies, but nothing recently and that seems a bit weird."

Will new rules make it tough for Alonso to decide who to race for?

2021 is set to see the biggest shake up in F1 in recent times, and with Alonso previously saying he would only return to win races, it could make it tough for him to pick a team. It's likely that one of Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull will be the top team in a year's time, but getting into one of those three could be tough.

Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen would all be likely to veto Alonso as a teammate, so perhaps the Spaniard could be relying on a shock retirement for Hamilton or a massive grid sahke-up.

He added: "The only problem with new rules is some teams could interpret them differently to others. You can join a team that is winning now, but if they make a mistake with the regs will people say I made a bad decision again?

"When you do events like Dakar you meet different people with different philosophies I will be ready to come back stronger and, if in the right package, I will win.

"I have so much self-confidence that I know I can take any car and if everything goes well, I should win. Driving is the only thing in life that I know I do well at."


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