Is this Max Verstappen's new helmet design for 2020?

28-01-2020 15:22
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Is this Max Verstappen's new helmet design for 2020?

Although he hasn't presented it yet officially, it seems like Max Verstappen's new helmet design has been accidentally revealed in Aston Martin Red Bull Racing's latest promotional video.

Verstappen himself isn't present, but Red Bull have been busy filming a promotional video in the Netherlands recently, likely for his personal sponsor Jumbo for the Dutchman's home Grand Prix in April.

It's not Verstappen or Alex Albon behind the wheel of the Red Bull in the video, but it's former F1 driver Patrick Friesacher and Red Bull junior Juri Vips who act as doubles. Still, when looking at 'Verstappen''s helmet design in the pictures and the footage, there are a few adjustments to the helmet compared to 2019.

Patrick Moeke originally made the spot on Twitter, arguing this probably is Verstappen's new design. Although it's similar to the design from 2019, the 22-year-old's career-best year, a side-by-side shows there are some subtle changes. The red lion on top of the helmet is now gold, as are the blue stripes on the side of the helmet.

Less blue and red on the helmet, then, meaning he's taking on more of an identity of his own rather than using his country's colours.

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