Nico Rosberg reckons F1 and Formula E will join forces

28-01-2020 10:35
by Adam Newton
Nico Rosberg reckons F1 and Formula E will join forces

2016 F1 world champion Nico Rosberg believes that Formula 1 and Formula E will one day join forces, with the electric revolution spreading around the world right now. Formula E has made huge steps in the speed and durability of their cars, and with so much money being invested into the electric sector, it couldn't be too long until we see them close to F1 speeds.

F1 is already using hybrid technology but the former Williams and Mercedes driver believes it is only a matter of time before they make the switch to all-electric power.

According to Express, at the World Economic Summit in Switzerland, Rosberg said: "The hybrid engine is more efficient than the combustion engine, which is only used in certain areas - but more so with synthetic fuels.

"The electric cars will become even more sustainable thanks to new battery technology. I already said in 2018 that Formula 1 would eventually will go together with Formula E."

The German is a big fan of electric cars, and uses one in his day to day life, adding: "The attraction lies in the silence. If I go driving with my children, that calmness is wonderful. I also do not like gas stations, now I come home in the evening and I only have to plug the car in."

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