Lando Norris on his relationship with Carlos Sainz: "I want to win"

27-01-2020 09:35
by Louis Shaw
Lando Norris on his relationship with Carlos Sainz: I want to win

Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz have a good relationship but many believe that is because they haven't had to race wheel to wheel with each other too often in their time racing together. McLaren have a very strong team and Norris believes that it is teamwork that led to them topping the midfield battle. 

“It's not just for the eyes of the camera, we generally get along well and enjoy each other. We are both here because we like to drive in Formula 1, but we also just want to have fun in our lives," Norris explains to

However, that doesn't mean that there is no rivalry between the two drivers. 

“Of course, that's inevitable, it's part of racing. In a Grand Prix, we still want to beat each other and it is not that we simply let the other pass by."

Both drivers seem to put the team first and Norris believes that this teamwork is what led to their success. 

“If we had not worked together, we would not have won fourth place. I helped Carlos at some points to score more points and there were times when he helped me.”

Will it turn into a Hamilton Rosberg?

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg were very close friends until they started racing each other for victories and championships. Their relationship went sour as Mercedes got further up the grid and when asked if this could happen to the Norris and Sainz bromance, the Brit wasn't too sure. 

“To be honest, I don't know if it will get better or worse. Such things always keep changing. Sometimes it also seems that drivers do not enjoy Formula 1, as if they are having the worst time of their lives.

“It sometimes even seems like I'm not working hard enough, but I really do. If something funny happens, I just have to laugh. I think people like to condemn unusual things, but I don't care. I work hard and do everything to make the team perform better. 

"Of course I want to win competitions, but you only have one life. So enjoy it!” 

Many hope that McLaren continue to be successful and that the two drivers can continue their relationship even if they start racing each other for podium finishes. 

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