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Official: Sean Bratches resigns from his duties in Formula 1

Official: Sean Bratches resigns from his duties in Formula 1

20-01-2020 12:00 Last update: 12:29

Formula 1 has confirmed that Sean Bratches will resign from his duty as Managing Director of Commerical Operations. He has been in the role for the three seasons in which Liberty Media have been running the sport. He will leave at the end of January but will continue to support in an advisory role from home. 

Spending time with the family 

The former ESPN frontman was given the task to increase Formula 1 revenues. He played a key role in securing the future of Formula 1 at Silverstone, as well as the deal with Zandvoort for the return of the Dutch Grand Prix. The successful Netflix series Drive to Survive was also partly down to his work as it was his idea which helped bring the sport into the public domain. 

Already in 2019, Bratches hinted that he would like to spend more time with his family and that Formula 1 required too much time from him. Carey then said that conversations were still being held, but that no decision had yet been taken.

Reason unknown 

The statement released from both parties doesn't state the exact reason. “The past three years at Formula 1 have been an incredible journey, one which I have enjoyed thoroughly. I want to personally thank the team at F1 for their extraordinary efforts and dedication, they are the best of the best and I am confident they will continue to serve fans and deliver on the strategy we have set in the years ahead. I am proud that I leave Formula 1 in a better position than when I joined in 2017 and I know that the foundation we have put in place as a team will continue to serve our fans around the world and reach new audiences," Bratches said. 

Chase Carey remains in his position as the sport's CEO. Carey praises the work done by his former colleague and insists he's pleased to see him remain in an advisory role. 

“I want to thank Sean on behalf of everyone at Formula 1 for the leadership, passion and expertise he has given to the business over the past three years. Sean has transformed the commercial side of Formula 1 and a testament to his work is shown in our momentum and growth as a business. I am pleased Sean will continue to be an advisor for us from his home in the US," Carey said. 

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