Channel 4 highlights to increase in length!

17-01-2020 13:07
by Adam Newton
Channel 4 highlights to increase in length!

The highlights show on Channel 4 is set to increase in duration ahead of the 2020 season, allowing fans in the UK without Sky Sports to see more of the action on the highlights show. The British Grand Prix will once again also be live on Channel 4, as it was in 2019.

Sky Sports have had exclusive live coverage of F1 since 2012, but this is a step in the right direction for free-to-air F1 on our screens.

The programme itself is set to increase from two hours to two and a half hours, with 60 minutes of the race being shown rather than the usual 45 minutes.

Formula E and W Series will remain on free-to-air channels and online, being the most notable single seater series available to the general public.

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