Cyril Abiteboul backs Renault to benefit from regulation changes in 2021!

17-01-2020 12:28
by Adam Newton
Cyril Abiteboul backs Renault to benefit from regulation changes in 2021!

Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul says that he feels the rule changes in 2021 will benefit his team more than any in F1. Teams are preparing for one of the biggest shake-ups in the history of the sport as F1 enters a new era of racing, with huge aero changes and a budget cap among the changes.

Mercedes have been dominant since 2014, winning every title available to them. The rule changes are mainly aimed at making F1 more competitive and therefore more exciting for the fans to watch, and it could have a similar effect to the 2014 changes, which saw Mercedes overtake Red Bull to be the big force in the sport.

Abiteboul believes that his Renault team could see a similar rise in fortune, telling "I think we are the main beneficiary of the 2021 deal and set of regulations. I can't say that they've been engineered for us, but for sure it goes in our direction.

"From my perspective everything that we've built we've done it with 2021 in mind, and everyone is aware of that, including at Renault corporate. The figures speak for themselves. Having said that, until a decision is made the decision is not made."

So was Ricciardo right to join Renault?

If Renault do indeed become one of the most competitive teams in 2021, Daniel Ricciardo's move from Red Bull to Renault could be a masterstroke. 

Lewis Hamilton is the benchmark for brilliant career moves, with the Brit joining Mercedes in 2013, just one season before they became the best team on the grid.

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