"Results from the simulation and wind tunnel tests have not impressed Ferrari"

15-01-2020 09:25
by Louis Shaw
Results from the simulation and wind tunnel tests have not impressed Ferrari

In the run-up to a new season there are always plenty of rumors about teams who are struggling and who is going to fail to perform. It seems that this season Ferrari is the team that are reported to be struggling. The Italian team seem to have completely changed the concept of their car and it is not performing how they would have hoped. 

Early leaks

A few weeks ago there was a leaked drawing of Ferrari's 2020 car and it showed that the team were looking to change their car a lot. One of the major changes was the nose of the car which used to have a stump in the middle, now looking like a regular nose from the likes of a Mercedes. 

This morning Corriere dello Sport reported that Ferrari had shortened the wheelbase of their car, therefore making their car more like the RB15 from Red Bull Racing. 

Poor results? 

Italian journalist Leo Turrini believes that Ferrari are not satisfied with the changes that the team have made. He has had access to the team and he believes that the technicians are not impressed with the results that they are seeing. 

“It seems to me that the results of the simulation and wind tunnel tests have not yet impressed the Maranello technicians. However, let's keep in mind that there is still time [to do something about it]," Turrini wrote in his blog on Quotidiano. 

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