Robert Kubica refuses to blame tyres for horror season

14-01-2020 13:07 | Updated: 14-01-2020 13:21
by Adam Newton
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Robert Kubica refuses to blame tyres for horror season

Robert Kubica isn't blaming the 2019 Pirelli tyres for his and Williams' poor performance last season as he spent the majority of the year off the pace of the other drivers, including teammate George Russell. Kubica did score the team's only point when he finished P10 in Germany, but that was one of the few races he finished ahead of Russell.

The Pole was outqualified by his rookie teammate at every event as his fairytale return to F1 didn't pan out the way he or the majority of F1 fans would've hoped.

But he is refusing to blame the Pirelli tyres, as teams struggled to get used to them throughout the season.

He told "I think I am clever enough and good enough to understand what I should do with the tyres.

"And still, it's not a driver which is choosing which way to go and how the tyres should operate, it's still teamwork.

"Of course, ultimately it is the driver who is driving the car, but we have exactly the same targets and exactly the same things operationally regarding the tyres.

"I see there is a cheap excuse for an unsuccessful season."

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