Daniel Ricciardo "would love to be successful somewhere else besides racing cars"

09-01-2020 09:48
by Louis Shaw
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Daniel Ricciardo would love to be successful somewhere else besides racing cars

Life as a Formula 1 driver is relentless. Preparation for races, travelling actually driving and then a host of media and corporate events. It is all-consuming and it is no surprise that Daniel Ricciardo will leave the sport behind when he decides to retire. 

Some drivers stick around in their retirement and take roles in the media or helping teams but Ricciardo can't see himself doing that and is eyeing up a few different options. 

"When I'm done racing I think I want to get out of Formula 1," the Renault driver told TheCheckeredFlag. “I also had other interests during my childhood. I love racing, but I also ventured into other sports. 

“Above all, I have an interest in doing something completely different. Whether that is music or fashion, I don't know yet.”

Formula 1 and racing plays such a big part in a driver's life that it is no surprise they want to leave it behind. 

"I also don't want to stay connected to Formula 1 forever. It has certainly been my passion for my entire life, but I would love to be successful somewhere else besides racing cars." 

Formula 1 is a travelling circus and Ricciardo will look to escape the bubble when he does decide to turn away from racing. 

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