Robert Kubica says 2019 season at Williams was worth it despite pace

29-12-2019 10:57
by Adam Newton
Robert Kubica says 2019 season at Williams was worth it despite pace

Robert Kubica says that he is satisfied with his one season return to F1 with Williams despite the difficulties he's faced in 2019. Kubica made the remarkable step back into F1, eight years after a rally crash threatened not just his career, but his life. 

With permanent disabilities to his right side, Kubica scored a single point in 2019 and will be replaced by Nicholas Latifi for 2020, leaving the Pole's racing future in doubt.

Despite the frustrating season, Kubica believes it was worth doing and according to, he said: "I did want to try to see if I was able to drive and I am able to be back, although I have been away for a long time and I have limitations. If I have to answer if it was worth it, I say yes.

"On my journey back to circuit motorsport, I never really thought about my career or longer-term.

"It was about personal satisfaction, and this is something which I will keep for most of my years, and I think for my whole life.

"I could say [the] Formula 1 season did have probably people realise that if I can drive Formula 1 cars I can do all other activities, but on the other hand I can say that being far behind in Formula 1 doesn’t help.

"Fortunately there are still people that have respect and rate me highly enough and they know that I can deliver not only as a driver but as a person."

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