Lewis Hamilton reveals how tough Niki Lauda's final days were

29-12-2019 10:26
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Lewis Hamilton reveals how tough Niki Lauda's final days were

Lewis Hamilton has revealed how tough it was for him to see Niki Lauda's final few days in hospital before his death in May of 2019. The pair had become friends following Hamilton's move from McLaren to Mercedes for the 2013 season, with Lauda instrumental in Hamilton becoming the driver he is today.

Lauda had been unwell for a time before his sad passing at just 70 years of age and Hamilton was visibly affected by this, given their close relationship.

In an interview with various media, including motorsport.com, Hamilton revealed how difficult it was during the Austrian's final days.

He said: "It was really tough to see him. We had been sending videos to each other, and I had seen him through his biggest dip and he came back and was in a wheelchair and I was really hopeful.

"And then he had another fall and started to get worse. And that is when I went to see him. And it was still a shock to see your mate in a bed, plugged in. And I’ve been there before. My auntie died of cancer so I had seen it.

"But it is always a shock. And you could see his spirit, this bright spirit of his still shining, but it was starting to dim a little, you know?

"And his fighting spirit was starting to dim, which is only natural when you are going through such a long battle. So it just hit me.”

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