Carey: Formula E “certainly wouldn’t be” a threat to Formula 1

19-12-2019 10:46
by Bevan Youl
Carey: Formula E “certainly wouldn’t be” a threat to Formula 1

Formula 1 CEO Chase Carey has said that Formula E “certainly wouldn’t be” a threat to Formula 1 as the future of racing despite interest from several different car manufacturers in the past few years.

The all-electric series of racing has grown in popularity since its inaugural season of 2014-15, with several car manufacturers like Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Nissan and Jaguar entering.

FE has also attracted former F1 drivers such as Felipe Massa, Stoffel Vandoorne, Pascal Wehrlein and now two-time champion Jean-Eric Vergne.

But Carey doesn’t see it as a threat, saying to CNN: “No, actually, it certainly wouldn’t be Formula E.

“I think Formula E is a very different vehicle today, largely a social cause and, you know, it’s a street party.

“I think we compete with everything out there. I mean, certainly other sports but other events and I think it’s important that we make our sport everything that makes it special. It’s a unique sport that combines technology and sport, it’s a sport that shocks your senses.

“It’s a sport that has incredible drivers, taking incredible risks, with incredible talent and it’s a sport that really is a spectacle. It’s not just a two-hour event, we’re here for three days, we’ve got a variety of things going on.

“There’s a depth and richness to it that really makes it unique and I think it’s important for us to highlight what makes us unique against everything else out there.”


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