Max Verstappen to compete in Sim Racing Championships in 2020

14-12-2019 14:52
by Bevan Youl
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Max Verstappen to compete in Sim Racing Championships in 2020

Max Verstappen has said about his plans to compete in sim racing championship in 2020 alongside driving in Formula 1 with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, stating that it’s relaxing to chat with friends whilst doing it.

Verstappen is one of the fastest drivers on the track behind an F1 car and proved that by recording his best season to date, finishing third in the championship behind both Mercedes drivers, picking up three wins.
But his racing doesn’t stop there. The Dutchman, like McLaren’s Lando Norris, enjoying sim racing online as the both of them won the 24-hours of Spa earlier this year.
“My 24-hour race win in sim racing was my highlight off the track this year – there was a lot of drama involved,” said Verstappen.
The 22-year old plans on practicing more behind the sim racing wheel during the off season to take part championships in 2020.
“I’ll be doing a lot of sim racing and try to compete in some championships next year as well,” he added.
“I race under my own name, so some people I compete against are harder on me and others are nicer. It’s great.
“I was on the sim after Brazil and some people wrote me messages in the chat, saying well done and that it was cool to be racing with me online – it’s nice, I find it very relaxing, you have your headphones on and are chatting to friends online, not always about racing!”

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