Max Verstappen: "The pressure is on, we want to win" in 2020

14-12-2019 08:09
by Louis Shaw
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Max Verstappen: The pressure is on, we want to win in 2020

Red Bull Racing's Max Verstappen has reflected on what was a fairly successful season for himself and his team. However, the Dutchman wants more and isn't happy coming third. Red Bull need to give him a car capable of winning in 2020 or they can expect to say goodbye to their talented driver. 

"I'm always very calm," Verstappen said to Ziggo Sport. "No, we're not celebrating {third place.] It's better than fourth place, but you really only want to be there for first place.

"I want to win of course and in that area, we just came short. But of course, it's not a drama. There would be a lot of people who would like to be in my position."

Verstappen has matured this season, performing consistently and securing podium finishes with ease. However, he really want to push it further when the season starts again in 2020. 

“The pressure is on, we want to win," Verstappen said. "The bar must also be set high. I also like that, everyone has to go for it. Otherwise, I get irritated when I see that someone is not going for it, hopefully, that is the other way around too. 

"They also always expect the best from me, so I expect that from them too. I am very relaxed and I think that is also my strength."

With the Honda engine looking really strong and Red Bull improving each year, Verstappen will be a real contender for the championship in 2020. 

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