WEC returns to South Africa - Formula 1 to follow?

12-12-2019 18:37
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
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WEC returns to South Africa - Formula 1 to follow?

The WEC, the World Endurance Championship, has revealed its schedule for the 2020/2021 season, and apart from the many returning circuits, one track is making its comeback: Kyalami. 

F1 history at Kyalami

Kyalami is located on the outskirts on the north of Johannesburg. It used to be a fixture on the F1 calendar in decades past, but the track's bendy nature gained a reputation for causing many accidents back in the '70s.

After the 1985 Grand Prix, Formula 1 left Kyalami off the calendar before making a brief comeback in 1992 and 1993 on a shortened version.

Since then, the circuit's state has worsened due to a lack of renovation and maintenance until it received recently. Now, the historic track is 'up to date' again with run-off areas and a brand-new paddock. South African politicians want more international races to be held at Kyalami again. They've successfully attracted the WEC - the 6 Hours of Kyalami will be held in early February of 2021.

The question now is: will Formula 1 follow suit? Liberty Media has previously stated they want to return to Africa, and when David Coulthard did a demo run in Cape Town earlier this year, rumours of a South African Grand Prix returning to F1 were strong.

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