Robert Kubica has "no regrets" after disappointing F1 season

10-12-2019 11:36
by Matt Gretton
Robert Kubica has no regrets after disappointing F1 season

Robert Kubica made his way back into Formula 1 for the 2019 season, but it turned out to be rather disappointing as the Williams team were once again parked at the back of the grid for the duration of the year. Kubica doesn't have any regrets. 

Williams picked up just one point across 21 races. That point fell towards Kubica after an eventful (and wet!) race in Germany was followed by a double disqualification for Alfa Romeo. In qualifying, the Polish driver never managed to start ahead of his rookie teammate, but at least Kubica is happy that he was able to race again at the highest level in motorsport. 

"I wouldn't regret [it], first of all, because nobody had put a gun to me when I was deciding. I had spent the last year with the team and I knew it wouldn't be easy," Kubica reported in a conversation with

“Of course we did chase some more issues than last year, especially in the beginning of the year, which were very unfortunate. And I think we kept paying a bill for a long time. Longer than people think. It [was] my goal when I stopped driving was to come back in the highest motorsport category on track, [in] which I would be able to race. And from human being point of view, a personal point of view, this has been a great achievement."

Will Williams come back?

Questions will have to be asked at Williams. They've now spent a number of years at the back of the grid having been pushing for race wins earlier in the decade. Kubica has now left the team, but he wishes everyone well and hopes they can get some reward for all of the hard work. 

“I hope for Williams, although I will not be here, that they will get better times and they will be able to race again. Especially for the guys who have been working with me for this season. They have been always pushing and in difficult situations. It’s very easy to lose motivation but they didn’t and they really deserve an easier life," Kubica added. 

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