Vettel critical of his 2019: "I know I can do better"

07-12-2019 13:20
by Adam Newton
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Vettel critical of his 2019: I know I can do better

Sebastian Vettel was once again left disappointed by his season as he finished fifth in the drivers' standings, his joint worst since joining Red Bull in 2009. The four-time champion was outperformed by his much less experienced teammate Charles Leclerc, who won two races to Vettel's one.

Vettel came into the season hoping to bounce back from a disappointing second half of 2018, but from the off it seemed like a tough season was in order.

The German made mistakes most notably in Bahrain, Canada and Italy, causing some to ask if his time in F1 was coming to an end. He has always said he will continue and is looking to recover some of his old form in 2020.

He told “I feel that I have not always done what I could. I have been in this sport long enough to admit this fairly. 

"I think I could have done a lot better here and there. I know I can do better and so I look at myself first. 

"I tackle things that I think could be better, but I always look at myself first. I know I can do better. That's what I'm going to get started with, it seems clear to me that I want to do better next year."

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