Lewis Hamilton speaks about the impact on his plant-based diet

06-12-2019 08:00
by Bobby Vincent
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Lewis Hamilton speaks about the impact on his plant-based diet

Six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton has insisted the switch to a plant-based diet two years ago has only had a positive effect on his health and has not negatively impacted his training at all.

Hamilton admitted that prior to the diet change, he used to feel unwell, but ever since turning fully vegan, the Mercedes driver has enjoyed every minute of it. Hamilton said to The Edge magazine: "I cannot put into words how much better I feel.

"I used to eat all that stuff (meat and dairy) and enjoy it, like most people do, but I would wake up feeling groggy, have mood swings and my energy level would go up and down through the day.

"I always had stomach problems and a swollen belly and I thought it was normal."

Hamilton believes the fact people think that athletes need to eat protein to train and bulk themselves up, is an example of how society "have been trained to think".

"I often see messages on Instagram saying 'I need my protein because I am trying to bulk up," Hamilton explained. "Well, I just bulked up. I put on five kilograms this year and have gone from 68 to 73kg on a fully vegan diet.

"Meat being the only source of protein is absolutely rubbish. I can train just as much and do just as many reps, if not more, and I get through races with a much cleaner state of mind."

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