Chase Carey trying to make Formula 1 easier to follow

05-12-2019 08:18
by Joseph Tyrrell
Chase Carey trying to make Formula 1 easier to follow

On October 31st Formula 1 finally revealed their plans for the 2021 regulation changes after months of debating. Chase Carey hopes the changes will excite the fans of Formula 1.

The regulation changes are seen as Liberty Media's first big impact on the sport having taken control in 2017. The changes include a different style of car, bigger tyres and the most controversial, a budget cap.

All the changes are in a bid to make the sport more competitive and bring the midfield closer to the front three teams and make for better racing.

“We have got too many complicated penalties and rules,” Carey said during an investor conference.

“We have got a 100-page regulation book. We have got to get the business to a place where it is easier to follow and has fewer complexities that fans out there really can’t follow."

Despite hoping to make it easier for fans to follow, Carey admits it will always be complicated.

“It will always be a complicated sport that is a marriage of sporting competition and technology but we need to make it something that is more in line with what the fans want to see and what excites and energises them.”

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