Mercedes say George Russell did an "excellent job" in Abu Dhabi Pirelli test

04-12-2019 19:32
by Louis Shaw
Mercedes say George Russell did an excellent job in Abu Dhabi Pirelli test

Andrew Shovlin, one of the leading engineers at Mercedes, was pleased with how George Russell performed during day two of the Abu Dhabi Pirelli testing session. The session is vital for teams to learn as much as they can about what they will be working with next season. 

“It was nice to be able to work with George again and he did an excellent job by passing the 800 kilometers and driving the fastest lap. The car worked flawlessly in recent days, so we were able to do a lot of work," Shovlin said. 

“A lot of time was spent on the second day through 2020 tires. We have made good progress in terms of our understanding and set-up. We also performed a compound scan in the morning, which enabled us to select the tires for the opening races. 

“We also worked with the softest compound - the C5 -, on which George rode the fastest lap. It is not over yet for the W10, we will convert the Valtteri (Bottas) racing chassis so that it can be used for the Pirelli 18-inch tire development test. George stays here to test, so it's very useful that he's used to the car after today in preparation for work that starts Sunday."

Russell was testing for Mercedes and did a solid job for the team that he hope to one day race for. 

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