Tanabe: "What we have achieved this season is not yet where we want to be"

01-12-2019 18:22
by Matt Gretton
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Tanabe: What we have achieved this season is not yet where we want to be

Honda's technical director Toyoharu Tanabe says his team wanted to achieve better results during the 2019 Formula 1 season. Aston Martin Red Bull Racing closed their first season in partnership with Honda on the podium after Max Verstappen sealed P2. 

In the last few weeks, Honda announced they will continue to be an F1 engine manufacturer in 2021. Tanabe's post-race report confirms just how desperate the team are to get better results in the coming years. 

"This has been an encouraging year, but what we achieved this season is not yet where we want to be, so we will keep pushing to improve," Tanabe said straight after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

"This was our first year in the hybrid era working with two teams, with whom we communicated very well, allowing us to make a solid step forward. That progress is reflected in our three wins with Red Bull and two podiums with Toro Rosso. I would like to thank both teams; those members working at the track and everyone back in the facilities in Japan, Italy and the UK, as well as our suppliers."

At the start of the season, those involved in the programme were desperate to make Verstappen the youngest F1 world champion. They still have one more year to do this and while they're on the right track with a third-place championship finish, they'll need to do plenty of work to catch Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes team. 

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