Hamilton predicts "a serious three-way battle" with Red Bull and Ferrari in 2020

21-11-2019 12:00
by Louis Shaw
F1 News
Hamilton predicts a serious three-way battle with Red Bull and Ferrari in 2020

Lewis Hamilton believes that Honda and Red Bull Racing will be genuine contenders for the championship next season and that it will be a three-way battle between the top teams. Honda have really impressed this season and will hope to continue to improve over the winter break so that they can be competitive from Australia in 2020. 

Hamilton has praised Honda's efforts and thinks that having another team fighting at the top will be good for Formula 1. 

"The Honda's obviously made some big steps and it's great to see another manufacturer as strong as they are now," Hamilton said to Motorsport.com.

"It means that hopefully next year we're going to have a serious three-way, four-way battle and that's great for Formula 1."

This season has been very competitive in the midfield battle and fans will hope that this level of competition starts to be seen at the top of the grid. 

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