Former F1 drivers criticize plans to go sustainable

14-11-2019 08:16
by Tom Mason
Former F1 drivers criticize plans to go sustainable

Former F1 driver Olivier Panis has come down harshly on the plans to make F1 sustainable by 2025, as well as to make it completely "net-zero carbon" by 2030. This comes just days after the announcement.

The Frenchman made his debut in 1994, winning one race in his 157 race starts in a career which spanned ten years from start to finish.

"Sometimes, I wonder who is the idiot who comes up with this nonsense, Panis told RMC sport.

"Honestly, sometimes I don't see the difference between being politically correct and being actually green.

"If the aim is to be actually green, then you don't do Formula 1.

The 53-year-old collected 76 points across his career, which included 5 podiums.

"It's to say 'Look, we're green, please love us!" Former world champion Jacques Villeneuve also told RMC sport on the matter.

"If you're really green, then you don't do sports, you don't do concerts, you do not do car racing. We have to say it how it is, and it doesn't fit with motorsport."

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