Seidl says budget cap will help but won't solve F1's issues

11-11-2019 13:41
by Adam Newton
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Seidl says budget cap will help but won't solve F1's issues

McLaren technical director Andreas Seidl says that the budget cap will help even out the difference between the top and bottom teams, but it won't do everything to solve F1's current problems. Liberty Media introduced the $175m budget for 2021 when they revealed the new regulations a few weeks back.

Teams will only have $175 million to spend on their cars in 2021, with the aim to make F1 more competitive in the near future.

According to, Seidl said that the budget cap will not solve every problem, mentioning that the top teams are simply better run than the smaller teams, and that the gap is not just down to money.

He said: “The big teams are not just there because of having more money they simply do a better job compared to us. The budget gap is important as it’s the only chance to have a level playing field in the future. For sure it will take time before the budget cap washes out.

“It’s not a secret we’re in favour of the regulations, we supported FIA and FOM a lot, it’s the next important milestone on our way back, in terms of let’s say getting a head start by putting more resources in 2020 for the big three teams.

"As I said before they do a better job now so they will do a better job in 2020, which gives them an automatic head start."

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