Massa discusses the 2021 F1 car: "I don't like the rear wing"

09-11-2019 19:16 | Updated: 09-11-2019 19:34
by Matt Gretton
Massa discusses the 2021 F1 car: I don't like the rear wing

Felipe Massa has given his opinion on the 2021 Formula 1 cars. The former F1 driver isn't a fan of the new rear wings. Bosses and Liberty Media announced the changes ahead of last weekend's United States Grand Prix. 

In an interview with the Italian branch of Motorsport, Massa believes those in charge might make changes to the rear wings. 

"Some solutions are interesting, but I don't like the rear wing, I would have done something different. I believe, however, that the definitive single-seater will be a bit different from the one we saw in the presentation, maybe those guidelines will be, but I expect some news," Massa said. 

"But I believe that the car is only a part, you need a championship that works for the public, in the end, this will be the goal."

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