Norris dishes out more praise for Hamilton: "He is one of the best of all time"

09-11-2019 17:11
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Norris dishes out more praise for Hamilton: He is one of the best of all time

19-year-old Lando Norris would have watched Lewis Hamilton strut his stuff as a McLaren driver. Now Norris is sharing the Formula 1 track with his childhood hero, driving the McLaren Hamilton once did. The 34-year-old claimed his sixth F1 title last weekend and ever-since, Norris has been dishing out the praise. 

"Since I was young, he has always been the man I watched. Since I was six years old, I have always supported the McLaren team and driven for them. He is one of the drivers I have been watching since and I am very happy for him," Norris is quoted by France's F1 only. 

Hamilton now becomes the second most successful F1 driver of all-time, one championship behind Michael Schumacher's elusive seven crowns. Norris identifies this and deems his fellow British driver as one of the best ever. 

"He is the second driver to reach six world titles, only Schumacher did the same, so I think he proved how good he was. He is one of the best of all time," Norris adds his opinion. 

Hamilton wrapped up the title with two races remaining in the 2019 F1 world championship. Norris, who has been unlucky through his rookie season, still has places to fight for but his McLaren team are almost certain to finish fourth in the standings.  

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