F1's top drivers baffled by heavier 2021 cars

09-11-2019 09:40
by Adam Newton
F1's top drivers baffled by heavier 2021 cars

The reaction to F1's new set of regulations for the 2021 season has been a positive one on the whole, but one thing that seems to have caused a few issues is the expected weight of the car. The new rules are set to make cars around 25 kilograms heavier.

The budget cap and aero changes have been praised, but many around F1 feel that cars should have been made lighter to make them twitchier and harder to drive, including two of the sport's biggest stars, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton.

The pair have ten titles between them and the duo agree on the weight issue.

Vettel told motorsport.com: “The wrong direction in my point of view is that the cars are so heavy, related to in a way some of the safety measures but I think everybody accepts that and the power unit.

“Certainly the going up trend in weight is the wrong direction. I think that’s our collective opinion as drivers, it’s my opinion."

Hamilton added: “The cars are already getting heavier and heavier I just hope they don’t keep adding weight, which it looks like they will.

“It just slows the cars down, makes the tyres harder, the tyres are a huge element."

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