Ferrari wanted to cooperate for the greater good of Formula 1

08-11-2019 18:58
by Joseph Tyrrell
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Ferrari wanted to cooperate for the greater good of Formula 1

The 2021 regulations were confirmed at the end of October and were met with mixed reviews especially from Ferrari. However, Mattia Binotto has revealed the Scuderia have decided to work with the FIA in order to improve them further.

The 2021 changes are regarded as Liberty Media's first big impression on the pinnacle of motorsport. The biggest changes include: the much-discussed budget cap, more opportunities in FP1 for young drivers and a new car design. 

Ferrari were one of the teams to oppose the new rules but eventually decided to cooperate and Mattia Binotto has revealed why.

"There has been no change of mind," Binotto said in Austin as quoted by Motorsport.

"From the first time we said we weren't very happy with the content of the new rules, we felt it was important to collaborate with F1 and the FIA ​​to improve them even more.

"I think we have worked very hard in recent months and weeks with the FIA ​​to try to improve what we have.

“But the limit was the end of October and we had to decide and move on. I don't think this is the final regulation for 2021, but it is certainly a good starting point.”


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