Marko shuts down potential Ricciardo return to Red Bull: "There's no room"

07-11-2019 17:55
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
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Marko shuts down potential Ricciardo return to Red Bull: There's no room

Amidst the rumour of F1 constructor Renault potentially leaving the sport at the end of this season, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing advisor Dr Helmut Marko has already ruled out a potential return of their former star Daniel Ricciardo, saying "there's no room" for the Aussie.

Ricciardo somewhat shockingly left Red Bull at the end of 2018 for Renault, announcing his departure during the summer break of last season.

The 30-year-old was part of the Bulls' program for a decade, having driven for them in junior categories, as well as Toro Rosso and the main team. He competed for Red Bull Racing for five seasons between 2014 and 2018, winning seven races in his time there.

Now he's departed, and with the rumour going around of Renault potentially shutting down their F1 program after a recent change of CEO's of the company as a whole, Marko has already shut down a return for Ricciardo.

"Our drivers are fixed. There's no room," the 76-year-old told F1-Insider.

Even under the hypothetical that Renault indeed leaves the sport and Red Bull would get a third car on the grid, Marko doesn't see a return on the cards, simply saying a third seat isn't realistic.

"That hasn't been discussed. Either way: who would pay for that? 

"I would assume they [Renault] would immediately be taken over by somebody else [if they leave F1]".

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