Mattia Binotto responds to accusations that Ferrari cheated

04-11-2019 08:24
by Louis Shaw
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Mattia Binotto responds to accusations that Ferrari cheated

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto has responded to claims that his team have been cheating. Red Bull Racing asked the FIA to clarify what is and isn't allowed when it comes to fuel flow to the engine as they believed Ferrari were breaking the rules. 

Ferrari struggled at the US Grand Prix leading to many believing that they had been breaking the rules at previous races. 

"I read and I heard a lot of comments this weekend about a technical directive and the impact on our cars," Binotto said in an interview with Ziggo Sport. "I heard comments at the end of the race which I feel [are) very disappointing.

"As a matter of fact, I believe yesterday we were very close to pole position as it has been in the last race," he said after the race. 

"I think Seb could have scored pole yesterday, but maybe was a bit too cautious in one corner.

"I think that Charles had a clear problem in the morning, losing completely FP3 and then had a downgrade on the engine we fitted on the car.

“Overall, looking at his performance in Q3 and what could have been done, without the issue in the morning, I am pretty sure that he was potentially on the pole as well." 

A suspension issue forced Sebastian Vettel out of the race and Charles Leclerc seemed to struggle for grip. Binotto believes that this is why Ferrari were unable to perform and insists that they broke no rules. 

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