Max Verstappen: "I like fuel. Can I say that?"

25-10-2019 08:39
by Bobby Vincent
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Max Verstappen: I like fuel. Can I say that?

With the fallout over Lewis Hamilton's comments on Instagram recently still fully in flow; Max Verstappen has admitted he likes fuel, and he prefers it to all-electric cars.

Hamilton revealed in an FIA press conference recently that he will be aiming to become carbon neutral by 2020. Verstappen does not have the same opinion as the five-time world champion, though.

"I like fuel. Can I say that?" Verstappen asked. "I don't like electric stuff. I like my little moped at home, the electric one. But not for an F1 car.

"I know (the) environment is very important but F1 has been around as well for a long time and I don't think we should overreact or be a drama queen about it. So, let's get on with it. If you don't like it (F1), don't watch it."

Perhaps Hamilton's fiercest rival Sebastian Vettel has issued his support to the Mercedes driver over his comments: "Obviously, as Lewis mentioned; it's very difficult, in a way, to us to get acceptance from outside, because we don't have the smallest footprint because the races happen around the world. We do have to travel, so it's part of our jobs.

"But I think in general, Formula 1 should do more. It's a worldwide operating platform. I think we should send a much stronger message regarding this subject and I think personally - this is free to everyone - but I think everybody can do something, contribute a little bit and if the whole world would act like that, it would make a huge difference. I think it's inevitable that change is coming and hopefully sooner rather than later."

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