Red Bull “building good momentum” in car development despite results

24-10-2019 15:15
by Bevan Youl
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Red Bull “building good momentum” in car development despite results

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner believes the team are “building good momentum” in their car development of the latter stages of the season despite “oddball” race in Singapore.

Red Bull were the first to top Mercedes this year when Max Verstappen took victories in Austria and Germany before claiming his first pole of his career in Hungary, proving themselves as a challenge.
Spa and Monza weren’t predicted to suit their cars as much as the Silver Arrows and Ferrari with Charles Leclerc winning back to back races.
But Singapore had been a track where Red Bull always performed well with their car being very well suited, with many thinking they would claim another win, only for the Scuderia to take it yet again.
"For me the oddball event was Singapore. We undershot there," Horner said to
"We didn't extract as much out of the car as the potential of the car had. I think it was predominantly a setup issue. And I think we have understood it subsequent to the event.

"It was a shame because Singapore is a circuit – we still managed to get a podium out of it and beat both Mercedes – but you could not help but feel that we had not maximised our potential."

But Horner feels that, despite not getting the result wanted in Singapore, their development alongside Honda has built a good momentum to take into 2020.

"The momentum that we have built this year, it was always going to be a transitionary year," he added.

"I think what Honda have done in improving each of the engines that have been introduced [is positive], and I think chassis wise for sure we took a bigger hit on the front wing regs than perhaps some of our competitors.

"But having understood that and worked our way through that, it very much feels like we are building good momentum in the latter stage of development of this car into 2020."


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