McLaren's 2020 Formula 1 car changes is not a risk, Andreas Seidl believes

21-10-2019 15:32
by Bobby Vincent
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McLaren's 2020 Formula 1 car changes is not a risk, Andreas Seidl believes

McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl believes the team's decision to make some changes to their 2020 Formula 1 car is not too much of a risk.

The British team look set to finish as the "Best of the Rest" this season in the Constructors' Championship, and their car has impressed throughout this campaign.

However, in an attempt to further their progress next season, they have chosen to make some alterations to the MCL33. Seidl is sure that the team have made the correct decision by taking a risk to reap the rewards.

"I would say where we are right now, it is not a risk it is an opportunity," Seidl said to "Our target is clear: we want to make the next step. So hopefully we can jump somewhere in-between where we are right now and the top teams, which would be the next great achievement as a team."

Seidl also said there's not much point in testing out 2020 developments for the remainder of this current season: "At the moment we don't see anything in terms of carry over parts that would make sense.

"The regulations are pretty much the same, so there is stuff you can carry over for next year, but it is not like we will develop stuff for next year's car and will bring it [on track this year]."

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