Grosjean suggests solution to midfield TV coverage issue

20-10-2019 10:57
by Adam Newton
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Grosjean suggests solution to midfield TV coverage issue

One issue us F1 fans have had this season is missing out on incredible battles in the midfield whilst TV directors show the frontrunners for most of the race, with some of the season's best battles barely shown at all on TV. Haas driver Romain Grosjean may have a solution for the problem, suggesting that a split screen could be used to show frontrunners and midfield battles at the same time.

Fans have grown frustrated with the TV directors, who seem to be more interested in showing battles at the front rather than overtakes in the midfield, with some of the most intense battles shown on replays, such as the one between then Toro Rosso team mates Alex Albon and Daniil Kvyat in Hungary.

When asked by about the situation, Grand Prix Drivers' Association (GPDA) director Grosjean said: “The fight we had at the end of the last lap in Singapore was I guess much more exciting than cars passing the line.

“So maybe having a double screen, where you can see still see the leading car crossing the line, and then the fight going on track on the other screen, would be quite cool."

Grosjean added that the GPDA had discussed the issue, adding: “We talked about it and we agreed. The thing is the same feed is broadcasted to every TV. It’s Formula 1 who gives the feed to every TV.

“They could probably do a better job and maybe show a bit more of the battles because that’s what’s lacking and is what we like to see: cars close together, wheel-to-wheel."

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