Rumour: Formula 1 expected to drop reverse grid concept

18-10-2019 18:40 | Updated: 18-10-2019 18:55
by Joseph Tyrrell
Rumour: Formula 1 expected to drop reverse grid concept

Everyone knew F1 were toying with the idea of a reverse grid concept but it now looks unlikely that we will see it tested in Formula 1 in 2020 following a meeting between F1 and the FIA.

The original plan was for a 100 km race to decide the starting grid for the main race on Sunday. The idea was expected to be tested at the French, Belgian and Russian Grands Prix but it looks unlikely that we will see it in 2020.

Autosport are reporting that following a meeting between the FIA and F1 the idea has failed to get enough support and it won't be taken forward into next season.

Many top teams and drivers have publically opposed the idea and although it could be brought introduced as late as next season F1 aren't expected to move waste time with it. The likes of Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton are amongst the top drivers to have opposed it, with Helmut Marko describing the idea as "absurd".

Earlier this year, Ross Brawn suggested F1 needed to experiment with new ideas but it doesn't look as if a reverse grid race will be one of them.

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