Zandvoort director confident everything will work out

18-10-2019 18:00
by Joseph Tyrrell
Zandvoort director confident everything will work out

With seven months until the return of the Dutch Grand Prix, the director of the race has insisted everything will work out, with continued fears surrounding the infrastructure and the circuit itself.

Earlier this year it was confirmed that the Dutch Grand Prix would return to the calendar for 2020 and it would open the European leg of the season, taking the place of the Spanish Grand Prix.

Since its announcement, there have been fears over the infrastructure of the location with it being situated amongst the dunes as well as the circuit, which many do not believe is suitable for F1 racing.

Imre van Leeuwen, general director of the Dutch Grand Prix is not concerned by the worries some people have.

"Ultimately it will all work out, of course," Van Leeuwen told BNR Nieuwsradio.

"If we can believe the FOM, we are ahead of schedule. And that is the only frame of reference that we have at the moment.

Van Leeuwen cites people's lack of knowledge as to why he isn't fazed.

"No, because people don't know the plan as well as we do. They don't have the knowledge and aren't fully involved with it. Anyway, we can't explain everything, of course, because then we're busy explaining things all day long."

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