Max Verstappen confident for 2020: "We know what Honda can deliver next season"

17-10-2019 13:24
by Louis Shaw
Max Verstappen confident for 2020: We know what Honda can deliver next season

Max Verstappen is confident that Honda will continue to develop and that they will be more competitive next season. The Aston Martin Red Bull driver is desperate to start winning more Grand Prix's and live up to the hype that is surrounding him. 

The Dutchman wants to win a World Championship and Red Bull and Honda are hoping that they can be the team that provides this for him. 

"The past two years were certainly not strong and the hope is that we can make an important step next season so that we can participate for the title. Of course, we have that goal every year, but the question is whether you can always achieve it," says Verstappen to

"We must make a big step in all areas to really participate. That is why we are already busy before 2020 because there is nothing more to win this season. We know what Honda can deliver next season and that ensures that we, as a team, can build the car better on it," said Verstappen.

Verstappen will hope that the Honda engine continues to improve and that he can start regularly winning races next season. 

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