Raikkonen turns 40: "I don't feel that old at all"

17-10-2019 09:18
by Tom Mason
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Raikkonen turns 40: I don't feel that old at all

Kimi Raikkonen turns 40-years-old today and he's admitted that he's feeling good and has no plans of stopping just yet. The Fin has 308 race starts to his name throughout his career and is just fourteen behind the all-time leader, Rubens Barichello.

The 40-year-old is currently at Alfa Romeo at is in the fourteenth position in the drivers' standings on 31 points, but a strong end to the season could see him reach as 9th with just four races remaining.

 “It's not a big deal. People make it bigger than it is. I don't feel that old at all either, " He told Sky Sports.

 "I feel old for years, about fifteen years, so this doesn't change anything. My head is still young and that's what it's all about. ”

 "The Fin's team are 8th in the current constructors' championship and so it will be difficult for them to really reach much higher with Racing point a further nineteen points in front."


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