Max Verstappen: "Compared to Ferrari, we have not improved"

16-10-2019 14:27
by Louis Shaw
F1 News
Max Verstappen: Compared to Ferrari, we have not improved

Max Verstappen doesn't believe that Aston Martin Red Bull Racing have made the same progress that Ferrari have this season. The season started well for Red Bull and many were surprised with the performance from the Honda engine. However, other teams started to progress and Verstappen believes that this is something his team failed to do. 

“We have not taken the steps that we would like to take. At the same time: If you put us next to Mercedes, I don't think the difference is very big. But well: compared to Ferrari, we have not improved," Verstappen said to Yahoo Sports. 

“We just have to keep working hard and try to learn for next season. Regarding the engine, it can also be better. Everyone knows that and it's no secret: We all want it too. It is not that my way of indicating this causes a shock within the team. Everyone has the same urge to take steps. 

“Of course I did not expect to be able to compete for the title this season: That is not a realistic goal if you go into business with a new partner. This was the constructive phase in which we tried to get the most out of it. Every now and then we have had a taste of it, now we intend to get it all together for next season!”

 Verstappen will hope Red Bull will be more competitive next season and that he can compete for the title before too long. 

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