Jean Todt hopes he can attend a race with Michael Schumacher "one day"

15-10-2019 09:12
by Adam Newton
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Jean Todt hopes he can attend a race with Michael Schumacher one day

Former Ferrari boss Jean Todt says that he hopes he can one day attend a Grand Prix in the company of Michael Schumacher, with the German F1 legend still recovering at home from his skiing accident in December 2013. Very little is known about the seven time champion's condition, but Todt has previously revealed that he often visits the Schumacher household to watch races on television with Michael.

Todt told Italian newspaper La Repubblica: “I told the truth, which is that I have watched Grands Prix with him on television. I hope that one day we can go together again to a Grand Prix.

“I am in daily contact with Michael and his family and I am going to Geneva again now. It is clear that we all hope there is constant progress.”

Todt also added that he respected the secretive nature in which Schumacher's condition is kept, adding how disappointed he was to see the story of Schumacher's treatment in Paris making mainstream news.

He continued: “I am not saying that it is wrong to want to know about him, but it is up to the family to decide what they want to say.

“I was surprised to see that when he came to Paris for a check in the hospital, people who should respect medical confidentiality spoke out. It seems not correct and I hope we find the source."

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