Villeneuve: "Verstappen reacted very mature for the camera"

14-10-2019 10:23
by Matt Gretton
Villeneuve: Verstappen reacted very mature for the camera

Jacques Villeneuve hasn't been Max Verstappen's greatest fan over the last couple of years, but on this occasion, he dishes out praise for the young Dutchman. The former F1 driver believes Verstappen acted maturely in front of the cameras after his crash with Charles Leclerc

In the past, Louis Dekker has suggested Verstappen expresses himself too much when in conversation with the press. Villeneuve believes Verstappen demonstrated good experience after his Japanese Grand Prix ended. 

"In my opinion, Verstappen's reaction is very mature and calm. That is pretty good because he is just driven out of the race without fault. He was already in front of Leclerc and could not go any other way. If he reacts so calmly, it does indicate that the boy has grown" says Villeneuve in front of the camera for Sky Sports Italia. 

Villeneuve couldn't understand why it took so long before a penalty became known and that it initially seemed that there would be no punishment at all. The Canadian therefore criticises the stewards for having waited far too long for a decision, which can also cause irritation.  

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