Verstappen wasn't disappointed after Russia but it was a "boring" race

10-10-2019 19:45
by Joseph Tyrrell
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Verstappen wasn't disappointed after Russia but it was a boring race

Max Verstappen has insisted that he wasn't disappointed with his showing at the Russian Grand Prix but he did admit it was a "boring" race for him.

Verstappen finished fourth at the race in Sochi but never really looked like achieving anything more, with Ferrari and Mercedes seemingly in their own league at the moment. Aston Martin Red Bull Racing's form has fluctuated since the summer break when it appeared they were moving in front of Ferrari.

Max admitted he wasn't satisfied with the race in Sochi but insisted he wasn't disappointed with the result.

"I was not really disappointed but I was also, of course, not very happy but I think that’s pretty normal when…" Verstappen said at the pre-Japan press conference.

"For me it was a pretty boring race, you know. I think you will always sound happier when you win or you have a really exciting race and you finish on the podium and of course maybe the last few races they have not been our strongest but I believe we can do better and we are working very hard of course to make that happen.

"But I think it would be wrong if I would come out of the race in Sochi and be very happy to the cameras, so we just keep pushing very hard and for the future, I don’t know. I’m not too worried about it, I just want to win and I will do my very best all the time and so is the team trying to do so."


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