Sebastian Vettel admits he was wrong in Russia

10-10-2019 10:04
by Louis Shaw
Sebastian Vettel admits he was wrong in Russia

Sebastian Vettel has shown over the past two Grand Prix's that he is a true racer and that he is back and means business. However, he has apologized for what happened at the Russian Grand Prix and has said that he should have given the space back to Charles Leclerc. 

Vettel was told by Ferrari to give the race lead back to Charles Leclerc which the German failed to do. He says that he now understands why the team wanted him to do that and he will listen to them in the future. 

“I was ordered over the radio to change places and I did not do that then. That was certainly not correct," Vettel said. He doesn't think stricter team orders are a way of fixing this issue. 

“I don't think that's necessary, we might have done certain things differently, but I'm not too worried about it. We are now looking ahead to the coming races.”

Vettel will hope for a good result at the Japanese Grand Prix this weekend and that he can get ahead of his teammate without the use of team orders. 

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