"Formula 1 without DRS would have zero overtakes"

09-10-2019 17:10
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
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Formula 1 without DRS would have zero overtakes

If it wasn't for the Drag Reduction System, Formula One would have no overtakes according to McLaren driver Carlos Sainz, as the Spaniard is confident the sport will be less dependent on DRS after the 2021 regulation changes.

Both Sainz and McLaren are leading the midfield in their respective championships, with the 25-year-old finishing sixth in Russia after lesser performances in the three previous outings.

Speaking on the regulation changes that will take effect in 2021, Sainz has given a vote of confidence in the FIA and everyone who has been working hard for F1 to change, with more overtaking being one of the main priorities for the new set of regulations along with a budget cap, in a bid to bring the field back together.

"I think things will change, but the overall picture of Formula One will stay the same," the former Renault and Toro Rosso driver told F1technical.net.

"I am positive with what FOM has come up regarding the aero regulations, the budget cap. I just wish it would be for next year.”

Speaking on overtaking, Sainz is hoping the sport will be less dependant on DRS for it to do so, as he underlines just how vital it currently is.

"I can tell you Formula One would have without DRS zero overtakes, so I think DRS is at the moment needed. Hopefully, in the future, we won’t depend on it.

FOM is very convinced that it will work. We don’t have any other choices than believe in it. I trust them, because they have done research, they have done their homework. They are going in the right way."

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