Former F1 champion says calendar is "too long and boring"

07-10-2019 12:47
by Adam Newton
Former F1 champion says calendar is too long and boring

Next season's race calendar is set to be the longest F1 season ever, at 22 races, with the addition of the Vietnamese and Dutch Grands Prix taking it past the current record of 21 races. There have been concerns about the length of the calendar, including Max Verstappen saying the calendar could be tough for the mechanics.

And now a former champion has had his say, and you probably won't be surprised to hear that 1997 world champion Jacques Villeneuve has disagreed with the plans.

Winter testing has been reduced to accommodate the changes, but Villeneuve doesn't think it's enough, telling Russian news outlet Championat: "The calendar is becoming too long and boring. For fans it would be better if there were fewer races and more tests.

"The new owners of the championship see more races as more income, and that's all that excites them. But I don't think it really benefits Formula 1.

"The calendar is getting longer, and the audience is getting more bored."

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